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    Our wedding day was fantastic because of you! You really set the dance floor on fire! Like literally! It can me hard to cater for such a range of people but you made it look easy! I'm using you for all future events, no hesitation! You were just fantastic.

    My husband and I couldn't have asked for more. Oh and you were do sweet staying a while after!!

    Take care xx


    First, I must say thank you for a very excellent performance on the day of our wedding. I really wish I could provide you with some areas for improvement but the truth is that you were excellent on the day. Most of the guests I spoke with were very pleased with your work and some even promised to use your service for their own events in the future.
    Abigail and Kayode


    DJ Mri,

    I wanna thank you so much for your help and hard work.
    Saturday night was amazing and the tunes kept coming.
    Thank you. God bless
    Mr & Mrs OKoth


    Thank you so much. You made my wedding the talk of town.

    Millions of people are asking for your contact details. Everyone mentioned how amazing you were. Thank you again. Be prepared for the naming by God's Grace. You are the only DJ in the UK as far as I'm concerned.

    Stay Blessed.

    Yetunde & Tunde