Listen..... I always knew that when you’re on deck, I have nothing to worry about. Honestly!
    Mri you shut it down, you were the special ingredient on our day.
    You were a beast on that mix to be really honest.
    From the bottom of mine and my husband’s hearts, thank you so much.
    Thank you for being so understanding & patient towards us. 💛

    Ayo & Susan
    (Wedding Reception - 09th September 2017, Froyle Park, Hampshire)


    DJ MRI is one of the best vendors we worked with.
    He turned our wedding reception into an unforgettable party.
    Our guests had a wonderful time!
    The communication prior and after the wedding was very professional.
    We would definitely recommend DJ Mri to anyone looking for a <> on their wedding day.

    Mr & Mrs Fevres.
    (Wedding Reception - 09th September 2017, Grand Connaught Rooms, London)


    How do we begin to describe the phenomenal service of DJ MRI at our wedding? 

    What strikes us most is DJ MRI’s amazing customer service excellence before, during, and after our wedding day. 

    What a DJ. What a service. What a man!! 

    I will recommend his service to anyone 

    Ps. Are Prince Harry & Meghan looking for a DJ? Then I’d definitely recommend DJ MRI

    Ayo & Debbie Sage
    (Wedding Reception - 02nd September 2017, Walthamstow Town Hall, London)


    Hi bro,
    Just want to say you did an amazing job at our wedding.
    You were able to cater to both the Congolese and Nigerian cultures, not just that, you were also able to cater to us as a young crowd (including the grime heads.)
    Our families really enjoyed themselves and it wouldn’t have been the amazing reception it was without your input, thanks again and keep killing it!
    Much love.

    Ali & Debo (#Dstar2017)
    (Wedding Reception - 05th August 2017, Meridian Grand, London)


    Go DJ, Cause that’s my DJ!
    What can we even say but THANK YOU!

    You were the first wedding vendor that we agreed on and you sure did not disappoint!

    Everything from the consultation to your correspondence and just you on the day was professional.

    You went above and beyond to ensure that we had a great time at our wedding and you kept the guests partying all night. We didn't even have to worry because you made it your business to make sure that our wedding was First Class!
    You are blessed in music for such a time as this and we would go as far as to say that you are by far the BEST DJ in the UK!

    Keep shinning bright like the star you are!
    We love you Emery!

    Mr & Mrs Muzzy
    (Wedding Reception - 13th May 2016, The Decorium, LONDON)


    Yes DJ Mri!!

    I don't even know where to start… You came and you delivered.

    Our guests still won't stop talking about how much fun they had dancing from the word go! Whether Nigerian or Grenadian, young or old... all our family and friends had a ball, everyone felt catered for.

    You arrived at the time you said you would, music was on point, price was on point - absolutely on the money, punctuality was second to none and rapport with the MC was brilliant! The fact that the dancefloor was full till the end says it all.

    Thank you so much, all of friends who are engaged have asked us for your details so we have passed on your contact details.

    We look forward to your service in future events.

    Tobi & Savannah
    (Wedding Reception - 15th October 2016, Tatton Park, CHESHIRE)


    Hello Sir,

    Your service in every aspect was exceptional.
    The quality of the music was terrific, your response time was very fast, punctuality was great, a real professional and friendly service. Was an amazing experience!!! 

    Mr and Mrs Amankwa
    (Wedding Reception - 11th February 2017, King George Banqueting, Essex)


    Hi DJ Mri,

    In response to your email, our feedback for our wedding on 19th November 2016.
    Everything was amazing!
    Your response time was always fast and professional, punctuality was always great and if any issues we were always kept well informed.
    The price was worth the service we received, you remained professional at all times, and the friendly service we received enabled us to create a great friendship with you we hope to continue.
    As for the music... A-MA-ZING!! You completely made our wedding into the best party of our lives! All our guests say it's the best wedding they have been to. We can not thank you enough for your services. God Bless You.

    Thank you

    Jerry & Nana
    (Wedding Reception - 19th November 2016, Ariana Banqueting, London)


    Well! Where do we start?
    We can confidently say that DJ Mri was one of our most professional and reliable vendors! After getting engaged it took us nearly no time to decide on going with Mri as our DJ! 

    We had seen him SHUT IT DOWN at several other weddings we had been to and it was no different when it came to ours! Mri met with us for a consultation before our wedding and it was nothing but pure laughter as we decided some of the key songs for our day! From that day we left confident that Mri would absolutely do a great job and we were not disappointed! 

    Our guests danced through the night with tune after tune! We will continue to recommend him to anyone planning a wedding! Thank you DJ Mri for contributing significantly to what was the best day of our lives! God bless!

    Anthony x Zoie 
    (Wedding Reception - 17th June 2016, Boreham House, Essex)


    Dear Emery
    Many thanks for your email. Apologies for the late response as we have been away on our honeymoon.

    Professionalism - He was very professional from the beginning, as we had consultation at a hotel which was not chargeable and there was opportunity to choose our own kind of music from the onset. He also used the information we provided to make up a playlist for our wedding day to suit our own guests

    Friendly Service - He was willing to work with our other key vendors like Wedding planner, MCs and Co-ordinator on the day. This was very helpful to ensure good team work and flow on the day of the wedding.

    Quality of Music - DJ MRI played good quality music, and was willing to adapt to the musical tastes of the guests that we had at the wedding reception. Also he worked well with our MCs who played some games with the guests.

    We would definitely recommend DJ MRI to our friends and family who are considering the use of a professional DJ. We also hope DJ MRI  enjoyed playing at our wedding, and we are sending the link for the pictures of the whole day, and will be sure to send the link for the video once it becomes available.

    Mr & Mrs AL Hassan
    (Wedding Reception - 29th October 2016, Gateway Academy, Tilbury, Essex)